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Having Fingers or Wrists Pain?

As technologies become more advanced, electronics such as phones and laptops are now a necessity. The use of electronics become part of our daily life. However, repeated use of electronic devices can cause strain on our fingers, hands, and wrists, which can lead to muscles or tendons inflammation. Let’s take a look at these high-risk actions and learn about the prevention tips.

High-risk actions

-Repetitive scrolling and swiping on the screen

- Repetitive mouse clicking

- Keyboard position is too high, so the wrist is in an extended position

- Repeated use of the keyboard

Prevention Tips

- Avoid using the same finger to scroll and swipe for a long time – can alternate sides/ fingers, or use a stylus

- Use an ergonomic mouse that fit your hand size

- Place soft cushions under the wrist while using a keyboard or mouse to keep your wrists neutral

- Do fingers and wrists stretching and strengthening exercises regularly – please refer to

Finger Exercises:

Wrist Exercises:

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