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How to select a pillow that fits you?

How to select a pillow that fits you?

Sleep occupies around one third of our lifetime. It is important for us to select the right pillow to keep our neck in a supported position with neutral alignment. Without the right pillow support, it is easy for us to experience neck pain in the next morning.

It is recommended to choose the height and firmness of the pillow based on the person’s size, sleeping position and personal preference.

Sleeping position

Select a pillow that will hold your head in a neutral position. When sleeping on your back, avoid excessively thin or think pillows that will make your neck extended or bended. When sleeping on the side, higher pillow should be selected to keep your spine in a straight line. Sleeping on the stomach is not recommended because it will turn the head and stress the neck. If the pillow you are having now does not give you enough support, you can try placing a towel under the pillow to lift it up, or try rolling a towel and place it under your neck area to keep your spine neutral. If it still does not feel like you have enough support, it is the time to change your pillow.

Pillow type

Currently, there is no clear evidence supporting one pillow type over another. Therefore, when it comes to pillow type selection, neck comfort is key. There are generally 4 types of pillows - cervical pillow, feather pillow, memory foam pillow, and water-filled pillow. Cervical pillows have a distinctive shape. There is a higher area where the neck is supported, and then a dipped area where the head is supported. Feather pillows can be easily manipulated to offer support where it is needed. Memory foam is designed to conform to the head and hold it in place. Water-filled pillow can be easily adjusted to different heights. Everyone’s body is different. A pillow that is comfortable for you may not be comfortable for another. It is recommended to try it out yourself before you decided to buy one.

Hope you get to know more about pillow selection in this section. If you have any question, please feel free to comment down below or message us on social media @cesphysiorehab. Contact us at 905-771-8882 or, we would be more than happy to answer any questions!

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