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Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor's referrals are not required to receive physiotherapy treatment. However, some extended health benefits do require your doctor's referral. Check your insurance company for more details.

An initial assessment will take approximately 60 minutes. This includes a thorough examination performed by a licensed therapist, followed by the appropriate treatment. This will all be done on the same day. There is an option for a 45-minute extended session. Please call for further inquiries regarding pricing. There will also a follow-up session, which will take approximately 30 minutes.

It depends on the condition. Some sessions may require a brace (ankle/knee), a strengthening band, an exercise ball, etc. We will provide all the details for any equipment needed for a faster recovery.

It depends on the condition. However, the number one way to speed up any recovery process is to do your prescribed home exercise program.

Yes. There could be some soreness during an after-therapy session. However, it is normal to experience some discomfort so long as the pain isn't excruciating. Your therapist will explain the discomfort in which you may experience. Please refer to the Modalities page for further explanation on each technique/procedure.

Though the recovery process will take time, it is always highly encouraged that you do the home exercise programs, as directed by your therapist. Just like taking medications, you must do the exercises as prescribed in order to attain the best results. 

     A physiotherapist deals more with body movement patterns as well as the mobility of certain body parts such as the shoulders, hips, wrists and ankles. Physiotherapy also deals with muscle flexibility and the regaining of movement. 

     A chiropractor may focus more on the spine's mobility and flexibility. Chiropractors are usually better at dealing with neck and back pain. They also deal with body parts that have gone through repetitive strain and headaches. 


A masseuse offers massage services targeted for pleasure and relaxation. A masseuse might not hold a valid license. However, a registered massage therapist does hold a valid license to practice in Ontario. These services can be for relaxation or therapeutic purposes.  If a muscle was damaged, sprained, etc., a registered massage therapist will treat that specific area and performs specific massage techniques in order to relax the muscle and improve mobility. 

Unfortunately, our clinic is not OHIP-covered, because we are a private practiced clinic. However, if you are a senior looking for treatment, we do offer sessions at a discounted price, meaning you won't have to wait as long. Please bring your ID in order to receive the discount.

We offer a variety of payment options. We accept cash, credit/debit, e-transfer and cheque. However, we do not allow American Express credit cards.

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