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Electrical stimulation is the use of electrical current via the transcutaneous electrodes to dampen the sensation of pain. When applying electrical stimulation, our nerves will be activated and changes the sensation in that area, which can help distract us from the pain. Electrical stimulation includes Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) or Interferential Current (IFC). IFC means an interference of two electrical currents. Electrotherapy can help with pain relief, muscle stimulation, increase local blood flow, and reduce edema.

Some common conditions for the use of this modality are:

· Neck pain

· Postoperative pain

· Cancer pain

· Acute pain

· Low back pain

· Osteoarthritis pain

Procedure when using IFC

After you are being assessed and agreed to use IFC as part of the treatment, the therapist will:

  1. Position you appropriately to expose the treatment site

  2. Wash/ trim hair at the treatment site if needed

  3. Apply electrodes to clean unbroken skin

  4. Turn on the machine and set the parameters to your comfort level

During the treatment, you may feel a slight tingling sensation passing through your skin which should not be painful. After a period, you may feel this sensation decrease as you adapt to it. At this point, you can let the therapist know and adjust the parameter accordingly.

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