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FOOSH injury

FOOSH injury is an acronym for “fall on an outstretched hand”. This term is describing the mechanism of the injury. FOOSH injury can happen in all ages, especially in those with poor balance such as kids and the elderly. When we fall with our arms straight, the impact force will be dispersed from our hands, arms, then to our body. Hence, our wrist, elbow, and even shoulder are susceptible to FOOSH injuries. FOOSH injuries can have a wide range of severity, from simple bruising to facture, here are some of the injuries caused by FOOSH:

- Fractures of wrist/ forearm

- Elbow dislocation

- Forearm muscles strain

- Sprain in the ligaments of the wrist/ elbow/ shoulder

- Bruising

Since a FOOSH injury can be quite serious and sometimes might not be easy to be detected, it is best to have a therapist check out after sustaining a FOOSH injury. Treatment might include icing, splitting, soft-tissue therapy, laser, exercises, etc depending on the type and the severity of the injury.

Some tips to prevent FOOSH for the elderly:

- Keep your home clean, remove clutter or rugs

- Install good lighting

- Perform balance and strengthening exercises regularly

- Install grab bars on stairs or bathroom

- Look out for your pets

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