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How exactly can exercise help you manage your weight?

Overweight and obesity are defined as body mass index (BMI) of 25-29.9 kg/m2, and >30 kg/m2 respectively. This condition is closely related to our lives as recent estimation suggests that over 60% of the North America population is overweight or obese. And increased weight is linked to the increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and musculoskeletal problems.

To properly manage weight, or to lose weight, an essential part is that our energy expenditure (EE) must exceed our energy intake (EI). To maximize the effect, people who are overweight or obese can utilize a combination of lifestyle interventions such as reduce calories intake in their diet, and at the same time participate in physical activities to increase their energy expenditure.

A common exercise program for overweight or obese individual focuses primarily on aerobic training, with a secondary focus on resistance training. For individual who has just begun exercise training, the initial volume should ideally progress to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, at least 5 days/week. And to promote long-term maintenance and result, individuals should try to progress to 4 hours of aerobic exercise each week. Guiding principles such as “Start low and go slow”, “more is better” still applicable to this population.

We recommend individuals who wish to lose weight exercise under exercise specialists’ supervision. In C.E.S.’s weight management program, our therapists will tailor the exercise program according to each individual’s physical ability. We will also utilize goal-setting method to help you achieve short-term and long-term targets. As consistency is the cornerstone when it comes to losing weight. Contact our clinic now to enrol to the weight management program!


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