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How Might You Be Able To Improve Your Speed In Running?

Did you know, one of the fastest land mammals on Earth is known as the Cheetah? Cheetahs have special body adaptations that allow them to achieve a fast speed while running to hunt and to survive. These special adaptations include wide nostrils, large lungs and arteries and a powerful and large heart. They also have wide leg muscles and a small lightweight body with long legs, loose hips and shoulder joints, and a flexible spine.

Although we may not be able to modify our bodies to match that of a Cheetah, we can follow workout routines or participate in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to help us increase our speed and build our endurance when running.

Below are a few training strategies you can try to help increase your speed; but of course, an individual’s pace is based on various factors such as age, genetics and your current level of fitness. It is important to build up speed gradually and stay injury-free. Listen to your body because it knows your limit the best.

1. Interval Training

Warm up for 10-15 minutes by jogging slowly. Run at a high-intensity pace for 2-5 minutes and slow down into a jog for the same amount of time to recover.

Repeat this for 4-6 times. Practice once or twice per week to gradually reach your desired speed.

2. Tempo Training

The goal is to run at a comfortable yet fast pace, a tempo pace. Run at this pace for a few minutes, then follow with jogging for several minutes.

For short distance runs, keep this up for 10-15 minutes. For longer distances, run for 20-30 minutes.

3. Hill Training

If you are practicing running on a hill, it is best to pick one and maintain a similar length and incline.

Practice running at a tempo pace up the hill, but on your way back go for a jog. Repeat this for 2-5 times.

C.E.S. Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation offers various services such as active/exercise therapy and weight management programs that you may be interested in. You can book an appointment with us to discuss and learn the best way for you to reach your goals! Whether it be to establish a healthy lifestyle or to determine a workout routine to help you build healthy muscles!

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