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Is Sweating Beneficial?

During the summer months we lose a lot of body fluid through sweat, but people can sweat for many reasons aside from hot weather. It could be due to feeling nervous, from having a fever, from exercising or being in a sauna.

Sweating, or perspiration, is vital for our health as it is a major way for our body to regulate temperature. Water is released through the glands in our skin and evaporates off, thus cooling our body. When we exercise, our muscles produce heat which is why we produce sweat to cool off. Overheating can be dangerous for our personal well being and so sweating is an important process for our body.

Although sweat is widely associated with temperature control, sweating also has numerous other benefits such as toxin release, eliminating salt from our body (which could prevent the formation of kidney stones), and fosters being hydrated.

Sweating can also help unclog pores which helps the body synthesize vitamin D more efficiently through the skin. It could also help prevent the formation of acne from the build up of bacteria or other forms of pathogens on the skin.

Though sweating is beneficial, please be mindful in counteracting the fluid lost from your body. Some ways to replenish and avoid dehydration is to drink water throughout the day, avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, and replace lost electrolytes with food or drinks that contain them (such as avocados, bananas, almonds, etc.)

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