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Low Level Laser Therapy – How Does It Work?

Low Level Laser therapy (LLLT), also short for laser therapy, is often included as part of your physiotherapy treatment. Since you might not feel anything during the laser treatment, you might be wondering how laser therapy can help with your conditions.

First and foremost, laser is described as a source of light or radiation energy. And laser therapy is the application of laser to various body tissues to promote tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. Laser therapy works by delivering light energy which has the wavelength ranged 650 nm to 1200 nm to the desired area, the light energy then penetrates the skin, scattered and being absorbed by the deep tissues. The absorption of light energy will then cause a chemical change in the tissues.

Compared to pharmaceutical or surgical interventions, laser therapy is non-invasive and has minimal side-effects. The level of energy delivered during the laser therapy is low, therefore it does not produce a thermal effect. Laser therapy is considered as a great treatment option to accompany other treatments such as exercise prescription and manual therapy, as it is quick (5 to 10 minutes of treatment) and inexpensive!

Do you know our clinic offers laser therapy to our clients? Let us know if you have any questions!

Reference: Farivar S, Malekshahabi T, Shiari R. Biological Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy. J Lasers Med Sci 2014;5(2):58-62

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