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Myths about muscle soreness Part 1

Most people experience muscle soreness after working out a day before, you can barely move when you try to wake up from the bed. Some would feel like it is a badge of honor for them. They believe that it is a sign of muscle growth. On another hand, some believe they worked too hard and eventually cannot maintain regular physical exercise as a habit. The following would help better understand how your muscles respond to physical training!

Is there a difference between the soreness experienced during a workout and the next day?

We might feel a lack of strength or a burning sensation, especially at the last few reps of the set of exercises, like biceps curl. We feel the immediate soreness. The acute soreness is due to the adaptation to the exercise intensity. There is a quick buildup of metabolism during the workout, thus, reducing the muscle contraction efficiency which makes us feel like our muscles are burning.

Meanwhile, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the term for the muscle soreness we felt after working out and occurs typically in a day or two. It commonly results from physical activity that stresses the muscle tissue beyond what it is accustomed to and causes microtrauma in the muscles. Most people might relate lactic acid to the cause of DOMS; however, it is just the by-product of the metabolic process. As the cells become more acidic within the metabolic process, we would feel the burning sensation. This would happen more to new learners commonly due to high exercise intensity and irregular training schedules.

Is it ineffective if we did not feel muscle soreness?

Many would believe that they had a good workout when they feel sore the next day. Yet, soreness is a poor indicator of muscle adaptation and growth. Research shows there is no direct relationship between the soreness and the effectiveness of training. It is not necessary to experience the soreness to build up muscle strength. Studies also tell us that a well-coordinated training routine would help minimize the soreness while having similar training effectiveness.

Stay tuned for more information about muscle soreness!

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