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Outdoor Party Games

Let’s make the most out of the sunny summer days! Below are a few outdoor activities that are perfect for family gatherings or parties for any age!


Bring out the arts and craft supplies! This activity is fun to make but also great for playing. You will need a pair of flipflops or sandals of choice, tape, medium sized plastic balls, and a giant carboard box to cut up.

Create a gigantic foot using the carboard box and decorate using the plastic balls as toes! Tape your cardboard feet to the flip flops and race each other across the yard! Let’s see who can imitate Big Foot the best!

Human Ring Toss

Similar to the ring toss games we play at carnivals, instead of bowling pins, we toss giant rings on to our family or friends! You can use inflatable pool tubes as your choice of rings to toss from a distance. This activity came be enjoyed at the park, in your own backyard or even in the pool!

Balloon POP

The classic balloon games. Using a string, tie a balloon to the ankle. Run around to try and stomp or break everyone else’s balloon while keeping your own from getting popped.

OR an alternate game is a relay race to see who can pop the most balloons using just their bodies. Any method you come up with in teams of two to try and pop the balloons without using your hands or feet.

Catch the Tail on the Dragon

Similar to a game of tag, start by standing in a single file and hold onto the person in front. Tuck a bandanna or a scarf in the pocket of the last person in line. The head individual leads the line to chase after the last person in line to try and grab the bandanna or scarf without anyone letting go.

The objective of the individuals in the middle is to try and keep the head from catching the tail.

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