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Posture Deviation - Lateral pelvic tilt Part 3

In addition to strengthening exercises, stretching the correct muscles could help with tightness, addressing the asymmetry of the pelvis. The following are some stretches that can release the tension on the tighter side:

1. Standing hip adductor stretch

- Start in a standing position and spread your feet wide apart

- Slowly bend down the knee of the tighter side to perform a side lunge on the opposite side

- You should be feeling stretch at the inner thigh area and hold that for 30 seconds

- If you have any knee problem, feel free to c

2. Figure 4 Stretch

- Start lying down on the mat and bend your knee to place the soles of your feet on the mat

- Cross one leg over to another knee and have the ankle resting on the thigh which looks like a figure 4

- Gently push the crossed knee away from you to open the hip. You should feel a stretch over the glute area. Hold for 30 seconds

- If you are looking for a deeper stretch, reach through and hold onto the back of the leg (the side where the foot is still on the mat) and pull the leg towards yourself. Hold for another 30 seconds

3. Child's pose

- Start on all fours and slowly lower down to sit all your heels

- You should be feeling stretch along your back and hold for 30 seconds

- You can reach to one side with both arms to feel a deeper stretch on the opposite side. Hold for another 30 seconds

Stay tuned for more information on other postural deviations!

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