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Step-Up for a Healthy Life!

What a year for the Hong Kong athletes in the Olympics, winning 1 gold, 2 silvers, and 2 bronze medals! Aren’t you motivated to start exercising immediately and be more active?

Want to start exercising but not sure how? Take a look at the following exercise list from Ask Physio Elli that is organized for you! No equipment is needed, and it can be done at home! Yes, being active can be that easy!

Beginner Level:

1. 15 Min Full Body Stretch

2. 10 Min Postural Strengthening Exercises

3. Chair Exercises Routine

4. Love Not War - Jason Derulo x Nuka | Cardio Dance Workout

5. Full Body Warm Up

6. 20 Min Indoor Walking

Beginner to Moderate:

1. Banded Pull Downs with Box Squats

2. Panther Plank with Knee to Elbow

3. Modified Dolphin Plank on Knees

4. Curl Up Mini Glute Bridges

Moderate Intensity:

1. 10 min Upper Body Workout

2. 10 Min Cardio Workout

3. 10 Min Abs & Core Workout

Challenge yourself!:

1. Baby Shark - Pinkfong | Abs and Core Challenge

2. 4 Mins TABATA on the Mat Workout (No Jumping!!!)

3. 4 Mins TABATA Workout - Beginner Level

4. 15 Min Fat Burning Workout | Advanced Beginner Level

The above exercise list can become one of your routine exercises. If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, remember to do at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise every week, and don't forget to add some muscle and bone strengthening exercises as well, let’s act now!

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