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What is Mallet Finger?

Mallet finger, also known as baseball finger, is a hyperflexion injury to your finger which results in a tear of your finger extensor tendon. The finger extensors originate from our elbow and insert at the base of the fingertips. During hyperflexion such as when the fingertip is hit by a ball or by other players, the force causes the last joint of the finger to bend further than it is intended, which might rupture the tendon that straightens the tip of the finger. People with mallet fingers will feel pain at the fingertip behind the nail and they would be unable to straighten the finger.

This injury is common in ball-handling sports like

· Baseball

· Football

· Basketball

· Volleyball

The diagnosis of a mallet finger is usually confirmed through a history of being struck at the fingertip or through a physical examination. If a fracture or bony injuries of the finger are suspected, an X-ray is then needed to determine if the joint or bone is intact.

Treatment for mallet finger involves:

· Splinting – this is usually done at the early stage to prevent movement in the finger for optimal healing

· Exercises – to restore motion and strengthen the injured muscle

· Use of modalities such as laser - to promote healing.


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