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What is that snapping sound when I move my joints?

When you squat down or move your shoulder, you may hear a snapping, or cracking noise. You may wonder where are these noises coming from, and should you be concerned?

To understand these noises, we first need to understand the structures inside our body. Our body is made up of many different types of connective tissues. Some of them connect either our muscle to a bone, or bone to bone, and they are called tendon or ligament, respectively. The snapping sounds created when you are moving your joints are most likely due to the rubbing of the tendon, or ligament over the uneven surface of the bone. If you hear a popping sound, like the sound when you crack your knuckles, it is believed to result from the release of gas bubbles and pressure from the joint.

Generally, these noises are not worrisome if it is not associated with pain and swelling. However, if the noise comes with pain or swelling, it can be an indication of some underlying cartilage injuries, and you should go see a health care provider for it.

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The post is not supposed to replace any medical advice. If you are experiencing any pain, please consult a therapist as soon as possible. You may contact us or make an appointment at 905-771-8882 or, we are more than happy to help!

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