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Why do I have neck and shoulder tightness after prolonged desk work?

Have you ever experienced a strong load on your shoulder, or headache after using your phone or your laptop? This kind of tightness is common nowadays because of the technology we are using. The upper trapezius is one of the most common muscles that become tight. This muscle covers the back of the bottom part of our skull to our shoulder.

Our head weighs like a bowling ball. The further it goes away from our body’s midline, which is our spine, it will become harder for our upper trapezius muscle to hold our head up. When we are working in front of a laptop or computer, or looking at our phone, our head tends to lean forward or is looking down. This creates a lot of tension in our upper trapezius muscle as it needs to work really hard to keep our head back in the midline. Therefore, a lot of us will experience tightness in that region.

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