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BTS No-Equipment Workout Challenge – Part 1

“Smooth like butter, like a criminal under cover”

International Korean popstars BTS are one of the most popular boy bands in the world. Even while on the road, they try to stay fit and healthy. Are you up for the challenge in following one of their member’s workout routines? Below is BTS Jungkook’s usual workout that requires no exercise equipment and that you can do in the comfort of your home. Regardless of your fitness level if you are up for the challenge you can participate!

1. 20 Squats

Get in a proper squat position, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart, shoulders back and chest open. Make sure to keep your heels planted on the ground throughout the move. You can also clasp your hands in front of your chest for balance or extend them in front of you.

Send your hips back as if you are sitting back into an invisible chair. Bend your knees to lower down as far as possible while keeping your chest lifted. Aim to get your thighs parallel to the floor. While you stand back up, press your heels down to get back to your starting position.

1. 20 Crunches

Start by laying on your back with your feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart. Place your hands behind your head without lacing your fingers together. Keep your elbows out to the sides but rounded slightly in. Slowly curl up and forward so that your head, neck, and shoulder blades lift off the floor. Hold for a moment before slowly lowering yourself back down to your starting position.

2. 15 Burpees

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms by your sides. Lower yourself into a squat position and then switch to a plank position by placing your hands on the floor. Jump back up into a squat position and then return to your standing position. This completes one rep.

3. 20 Leg Raises

While laying on your back, keep your legs straight and together. Bring your legs to a 90degree angle by bring your feet towards the ceiling and lifting your butt off the floor. Slowly lower your legs back down until they are just above the floor. Hold for a moment and repeat.

4. 20 Supermans

While laying down on the ground with your stomach flat on the floor, extend your hands in front of your head. Keeping yourself in a neutral position while looking towards the floor, raise your arms and legs up then down to complete one repetition.

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