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DIY Twister

Ever want to play a game of Twister with your family or friends but don’t have the actual boardgame at home? Not to worry! You can create your very own DIY game of Twister!

All you need is carboard or carboard boxes, spray paint, a plastic dinner plate to trace, a ruler or measuring tape and an unwanted bedsheet.

The carboard boxes can become giant dices to roll for the colour and body parts. This is also a fun arts and craft activity if you have kids. They can help colour in each side of the carboard box and help draw in hands or feet and writing Left or Right.

To create the actual Twister mat, space out the measurements using the ruler or measuring tape onto the bedsheet and use the plastic dinner plates to trace out the perfect circles to color in.

If you don’t mind getting your lawn coloured, you can also spray paint directly onto the grass and play outdoors. But if not brining out the bedsheet outside to play during nice weather is also an option.

That’s all to it! Have fun and happy crafting!

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