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Feeling in a bad mood? What can you do?

💡Ever feel like you are in a bad mood and your mind is in the slumps? Well, did you know that exercise can be a great way to help lift your mood and improve your ability to handle stress? Engaging in exercise can help your body and brain by enhancing your mood, memory, and sense of well-being.

One of the benefits of exercise is that it can stimulate the production of cortisol, which helps with memory and alertness. But too much cortisol can also have negative effects on our body as it can increase stress levels. So, we need to find the right balance of exercise and being active.

It is important to find something you enjoy doing, so that you can stick with it for long-term. Some people enjoy a single exercise routine, while others prefer a combination of activities.

Below are a few ideas you can try:

Cardiovascular and aerobic exercises get your heart rate up and are great for raising the mood. Activities such as jogging, swimming, cycling or even gardening and dancing all provide a high-intensity workout.

Yoga is another great activity which focuses on meditation, breathing, and physical postures. It can help you relax by releasing tension and stretching tight muscles or strengthening weak ones.

Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese exercise that has repetitive yet easy to learn movements. It does not require strength or endurance but focuses on the form of movements and breathing.

CES Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation provides exercise classes if you are looking for a place to start.

We also have a YouTube Channel, AskPhysioElli, where you can follow along for high-intensity workouts.

If you have any questions regarding the classes, you can call us at (905)771-8882 or email us at for more information!

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