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Fun Activities 4 Kids - Indoor Edition

This week we will be sharing fun activities for kids that are suitable for indoors. If you do try these at home, do share with us how it goes!

Red Light, Green Light

In this variation of Red Light, Green Light kids will continue to stop and start in the change of colours from red to green. When the colour changes to yellow, they can do a variety of exercises such as bunny hoping at speed bumps, linking arms with a partner for carpooling or evening galloping across when there are animals crossing the road.


If you do not own a bowling set, you can find and use various items from home such as empty water bottles or plastic cups as your bowling pins. Use a big enough ball in order to roll and knock over the pins.

Another variation is marking the ground using tape. Each target section could be worth different amount of points in which your child will try to roll and stop their balls on.

Row Your Boat

In this exercise activity have yourself and your child sit facing each other with your feet touching. Hold hands and lean forward and backwards while singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”.

Tower Building

For this activity, you can use building blocks, containers with lids or other safe stackable objects of your choice to build a tower together. Take turns adding blocks to the tower to see how high you can stack them. You can also practice counting while stacking the items. Knocking down a tower may be most fun when it is completed.

Musical Hide and Seek

Play music from your phone or a speaker and hide it within the house. You and your child could work together to search and figure out where the music is coming from. If you have more than one speaker, you can also try playing various animal sounds and have them go on a safari hunting adventure.

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