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Graston Technique

Let’s learn more about Graston technique!

Gastron technique is a kind of soft tissue mobilization to treat muscle pain and restriction. Therapists would rub your skin using stainless-steel tools. Therapists would first locate the muscle restriction. The tools could penetrate closely to the fascia and allow therapists to treat the tissues directly. It might cause pain as the therapist rub the skin with the tools. They would utilize the tools to stretch and break down the adhesions and scar tissues. Studies have shown that Graston technique would lower pain-promoting substances, and promote the rate and amount of blood flow around the area.

This would explain how Graston can enhance the healing process, restore the range of motion, and get back to normal function. Graston technique does help relieve your tight tissues, but if you do not reinforce good body positions and stretch properly, the pain would come back in a short period. Instead, exercises and education of correct body postures would address the root causes.

Be careful! These techniques might not be suitable for everyone, for instance, pregnant mothers, frail older adults, and others with certain medical conditions.

Someone might ask what about guasha? Guasha is a traditional healing technique widely practiced in East Asia. Stay tuned for the difference between Gastron technique and guasha!

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