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Heat VS Ice

Have you ever wondered when to apply heat or ice to relieve your pain?

Heat and ice have been used commonly by therapists and general population for pain relief. Both heat and ice can sooth aches and pains and can help relieve symptoms like muscles spasms, pain duplicated, stiffness, etc.

Generally, ice is used for acute conditions that have symptoms like redness, local swelling, heat, and pain. This is because coldness can narrow the blood vessels in the tissues and slow down blood flow. Decreasing blood flow to the injured area can reduce fluid buildup and reduce inflammation. Hence, ice is often best for acute injuries like sprains, or strains.

Heat, on the other hand, dilates the blood vessels and therefore increases blood circulation to the area. Blood carries lots of nutrients and oxygen which can promote healing. Heat can relax muscles and is often used in chronic pain and aches. Heat works best for morning stiffness, muscle tightness, and to warm up muscles before activity.

Heat and ice can be applied for around 15-20 minutes several times a day. Whether you use heat or ice, it is recommended to wrap a thin towel around it to protect your skin.

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The post is not supposed to replace any medical advice. If you are experiencing any pain, please consult a therapist as soon as possible. You may contact us or make an appointment at 905-771-8882 or, we are more than happy to help!

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