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Beating the Winter Blues

Feeling a lack of motivation and low energy? This is not uncommon for individuals during the winter season and often women are more affected than men. Below are some tips for beating the winter blues and making winter enjoyable! Boost your physical and mental health by staying active.

1. Go on a winter walk or run

If the weather conditions permit, go on a walk or run outside. You can get some vitamin D as you are staying active. Try looking for a maintained walking trail where you can see nature’s winter beauty or go on search for animal tracks in the snow. Remember to bundle up and protect yourself from the cold.

2. Snowshoeing

Get yourself a pair of snowshoes and spruce up your winter hike style. This allows you to take trails that have been less travelled on.

3. Play in the snow

Build a snowman or snow fort with friends or family. Have a snowball fight, go sledding or create a winter obstacle course for yourself and others.

4. Skiing/ Snowboarding/ Tubing/ Sledding

Bundle up with friends or family and head to a ski area or open hill for some winter fun while we still can!

5. Ice skating

Go ice skating outdoors or head to your local indoor ice rink.

6. Exercise Activities

If being outdoors is not your thing, do an at-home workout that requires minimal or no equipment. If you are interested in challenging yourself, why not take this chance to try something new? Zumba classes? Kickboxing? There are numerous activities and alternatives to staying active.

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