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How to prevent plantar fasciitis?

Last week, we talked about what is plantar fasciitis and how it might happen. Let’s talk about how we can prevent having plantar fasciitis.

The key is to reduce the burden and soothe the plantar fascia. The followings are some tips for you:

- Make sure to have the proper shoes and insoles which are suitable for you. It should be not too thin or soft and supportive.

- If you are overpronated, ensure that you will consult with professions and customize orthotics if needed.

- Remember to warm up with dynamic stretches before exercising.

- Try to avoid excessive exercise and prolonged standing or walking. Taking a break if you have been standing or walking for a period.

- Apply ice and take sufficient rest for the heels after working out.

The following are exercises that helps avoid plantar fasciitis:

1. Heel raises - While standing next to a chair or countertop for support, raise up on your toes as you lift your heels off the ground. Hold 5s and return your heels to the floor and repeat for 10 times.

2. Towel curls – Start with sitting and place a towel underneath the feet. While keeping the heels in contact with the floor the entire time, use the towel and draw it back towards you using your toes. Then curl your toes inward and repeat for 10 times.

3. Calf stretches – Start off by standing in front of a wall and step forward with one foot and while maintaining your toes pointing straight forward. Keep the leg behind you with a straight knee during the stretch. Lean forward towards the wall and support yourself with the arms as you allow your front knee to bend until a gentle stretch over the calf. Move closer or further from the wall and adjust the bend of the front knee to control the stretch of the back leg.

4. Plantar fascia self-massage - Start with sitting and place a small ball under the arch of the foot. Press into the ball while rolling it around as a form of self-soft tissue massage.

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