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Line Games for Kids

Have an active child that’s stuck inside cause of the cold or rainy weather? Looking for an activity that’s simple to set up and fun for kids? Below are a few indoor games that are also great for helping develop kid’s gross motor skills! All you need is a roll of painter’s tape, a large rollable object, some marbles or toys that are easy to pick up and a large empty space.

1. Line walking

Create as many lines as you can using different angles for each one (zig zags, straight lines, blockades). Have your child walk along the lines following music, make it a competition to see how fast they can complete the lines or try walking the lines heel to toe.

2. Rolling an object over the lines

Use objects such as a bouncy ball, soccer ball, or even a heavy object like a can soup placed on top of a towel to be dragged following the lines created.

3. Line walking while carrying an object

Make it a challenge and have them carry an egg on a spoon, a bowl or cup of water or even a marble on a book without spilling or dropping the object while walking the lines.

4. A race to collect or to put them back

Using small objects such as marbles, plastic easter eggs, or small toys, spread them out on the lines. Have your child pick up the objects as fast as they can and clear out one line at a time by picking up and dropping their objects in a bucket or toy box.

You can then also have them put the objects all back as fast as they can in their original positions.

This is also a great opportunity for them to practice their numbers and counting to know how many objects they have picked up and put back.

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