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Lower Crossed Syndrome

When you feel low back pain, it is possible that the problem does not come solely from the back and that other muscles around the area may be contributing to the cause. Lower Crossed Syndrome occurs because of tight lower back and hip flexor muscles along with weak abdominal and gluteal muscles. The unique combination of these tight and weak muscles causes the pelvis to anteriorly tilt. While these do not cause any immediate issues or pain, prolonged imbalances cause more compensatory movements and add more stress and discomfort to the lower back, the hamstrings, and the knees.

This may be caused by incorrect postures during daily tasks, sitting for too long, and general weakness of the lower body. If you feel that you have this issue, it can be alleviated by strengthening the weak muscles, and relaxing the tight ones. Stretches like a hip flexor stretch and child’s pose will help with Lower Crossed Syndrome, along with strengthening through exercises like bird dog and bridges. It is also important to stay mobile throughout the day, taking breaks from sitting and walking around so that the muscles do not remain in one position for many hours.

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