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Outdoor Fun!

With another long weekend approaching, it would be a fun idea to play some outdoor party games with friends and family! Below are some classic outdoor activities that will be great for people of all ages!

Sack Races

Climb into a sack and jump to the finish line! Although not every household may have a potato sack lying around, you can use old bedsheets or sew up old curtains as a substitute.

Three Legged Races

Find a partner and stick with them for the race! Have one leg tied to the leg of your partner and run together to the finish line as one person! Be creative with whom you partner up with; a child + a child, a parent + a child, or even have two parents team up together!

Egg and Spoon Races

Have each person hold a spoon with a hard-boiled egg. They must try to balance the egg on the spoon while racing others to the finish line. If the egg falls, they must go back to the beginning and start again. You can even try drawing funny faces or decorate your own hard-boiled eggs with paint or sharpies.


Everyone lines up in a single file to try the limbo. You can use a pole, a pool noodle or even a broom! Play along with the music! Start the music to allow them to try and pass under the stick by bending backwards without touching the stick or falling over. If the music stops they have to stay and hold their position. Start with the stick held high enough to kids to walk underneath, then gradually lower the stick a bit each time the first person crosses over. Let’s see who is the most flexible in the family!

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