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Physiotherapists VS Chiropractors

Physiotherapists and chiropractors have different approach to treatments to improve physical health and wellbeing. Although they may approach things from a slightly different perspective, they both have the same aim; to decrease pain and fix any injuries using a drug free and non-invasive approach.

Both diagnose and treat problems related to muscles, joints, bones and nerves, but they have different hands on techniques to mobilize joints, decrease muscle tensions and help to make sure the body is moving how it should.

Hands on treatments will be supported with exercises to control movement, strengthen muscles and to prevent injuries from reoccurring. They both aim to find the problem, rather than just treat the symptom.

Physiotherapists specialize in diagnosis, management, and prevention of movement disorders. They help rehabilitate and improve an individual’s ability to move and function. They also look into aspects of your sporting, work or recreational life that may contribute to your issue.

Chiropractors can treat any mechanical disorders related to the musculoskeletal system. Whether that be your spine, joints, muscles or nervous system.

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