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Posture Deviation – Uneven Shoulders Part 1

From this month, we will be focusing on different posture deviations and how we can strengthen the muscles or stretch out the tendons for a proper alignment, and eventually ease the pain from the misalignment. Let’s kick off with uneven shoulders!

There are a variety of causes of shoulder imbalance/ uneven shoulders, the more complex one is the structural cause due to abnormal position of the spine and scapula. The greater the degree of scoliosis in the patient, the greater the difference in the position of the shoulders on both sides. Other common causes include strain, accidental injury, and improper daily living posture.

There are also differences between females and males. The most common cause of females with uneven shoulders is the long-term use of side pockets and handbags on one side; while males mainly use one side to hold heavy objects. Due to the increased muscle load on one side, over time, the shoulder muscles on that side, including the upper trapezius and levator scapulae, will be in a state of tension and spasm for a long time, and the scapula will be pulled up to form uneven shoulders.

Stay tuned to learn more on uneven shoulders!

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