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Posture Deviation – Uneven Shoulders Part 2

The method of checking the height of the shoulders is very simple. We could just use a mirror or ask others to help to observe whether the shoulders on both sides are different in height from the front as well as the back. In addition, patients with uneven shoulders can easily lose the balance of the body's center of gravity, so patients often naturally use force to pull the center of gravity back to the center. Over time, the muscles can be strained, and the spine will also be under too much pressure and become unstable, which may cause spinal dislocation, Postural imbalance, neck and back pain, arm pain, headache, and even more. If your shoulders are rattling with regular movement, have occasional pain, stiffness, or less range of motion than usual, you should immediately see a chiropractor or physical therapist for a detailed examination.

Stay tuned to learn more about exercise to help solve uneven shoulders!

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