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Red Light Green Light

Throwback Thursday! Has everyone forgotten about the Red Light Green Light survival game shown in Squid Games? There are many variations to this childhood game, and it is quick, simple and fun for all ages to play together whether outdoors or indoors.

The goal of this game is for all players to successfully reach the other end of the field. Players are only permitted to move when green light is present or called. If red light is shown, then all players must stop moving and remain stationary. If you are caught, then you must return to the start of the line or you are eliminated.

Some variations you can add to playing Red Light Green light are incorporating using a soccer ball to dribble across the field instead of running and to stop the ball with their feet once there is a red light.

You can also try different actions such as skipping, hopping, walking backwards, or even dancing.

Lastly, you can also incorporate practicing letter sounds and spelling. At the start of the game, pick a letter. When red light is called, the runners must stop and quickly say a word which begins with that chosen letter. Each round they must come up with a new word and if a word is repeated then they must return to the start.

Have you chosen how you will play? Best of luck in winning!

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