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Tennis Elbow

Have you heard of Tennis Elbow?

The technical term for Tennis Elbow is called Lateral Epicondylalgia. People with tennis elbow would experience pain at the outer part of the elbow when stretching into wrist flexion, elbow extension, or backhand swinging with a tennis racket.

The name of the condition does not imply that it only occurs to athletes. Other professions, like auto workers, plumbers, or cooks could also develop it. The painful condition at the elbow joint results from repetitive exposure to bending/twisting arm motions against resistance. Grip styles can also be the cause of developing tennis elbow.

The overuse of forearm muscles could lead to microtears in the tendon, causing inflammation and pain. In severe cases, the pain could radiate to your forearm and wrist, which make it difficult to hold a cup or turn a doorknob.

How do I prevent having Tennis Elbow?

We can strengthen the forearm muscles to avoid any irritation. Exercise can include wrist flexion/ extension while holding a water bottle, as well as hammer supination.

Also, remember to work on some warmup exercises before doing any activities that involve the wrist and forearm, including stretching the forearm flexors and extensors.

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