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Trigger Finger

Have you ever felt stiffness in the hand especially in the morning, or heard a click as you moved your fingers? You might even feel a painful bump at the base of a finger, or have a finger locked in a bent position. These all may be signs of trigger finger.

Trigger finger is the condition in which the thickening or inflammation of the tendon sheath may cause stiffness or locking of the finger in the bent position. There may also be inflammation in the tendon itself, leading to the creation of small nodules at the base of the finger which causes clicking, popping, and locking of the finger in a bent position. Trigger finger occurs more frequently at the ring finger and the thumb, especially for those who require heavier labour with gripping. In addition, it occurs more frequently to women as well as anyone with diabetes.

To treat the trigger finger, rest is needed to allow the inflammation around the tendon to subside, while gentle mobility exercises such as finger tendon glides may help decrease stiffness in the movement. If rest was not enough to resolve the trigger finger, anti-inflammatory injections or surgeries may be required to resolve the problem.

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