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What Does a One-Hour Exercise Session Typically Look Like?

A message that health care and fitness industries try to give out is the importance of being active. The general exercise guideline for all healthy individuals is to exercise 150 minutes each week at moderate intensity. You can achieve this goal by engaging in physical activity for 50 mins, 3 times a week; or 30 minutes 5 times a week, and many more combinations! Also, members of the public should know that exercise for as little as 10 minutes is enough to obtain health benefits.

A typical 60 minutes exercise session could be broken down into a warm-up section, endurance training, resistance training, balance training, and lastly followed by a cool-down.

A 10-minute warm-up can prepare your body and mind for exercise, as well as minimize exercise-related injuries. Warm-up can include slow jogging, dynamic stretching, etc.

After a warm-up, individuals can undergo 15 minutes of endurance training involving higher intensity exercises that can get your heart rate going, thereby improving your cardiorespiratory fitness.

Endurance training is followed by 15 minutes of resistance training. Typically, weightlifting and body weight training are great options. Resistance training aims to strengthen your muscles, hence better joint health and physical performance.

A 10-minute balance training is particularly important for frail adults or anyone that is at risk of falling. Tandem stance, tai-chi, circle turns are few great exercises for balance training.

Lastly, 10 minutes of cool-down which includes stretching and breathing exercises can slowly lower your heart rate and increase the range of motion of your joints!

Exercise prescription is an art that requires great thinking. Each individual will have a unique exercise program that’s tailored to their preference, physical ability, and certain environmental factors. If you are interested to know how our exercise therapist can help you. Contact our clinic at 905-771-8882 to learn more!

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