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What does an Initial Assessment look like?

Have you ever wondered what the initial assessment process is like? If you have never been in contact with physiotherapy or chiropractic care, you may be curious about the initial visit. Let us go through the process of being a new patient today!

Filling out the form

– if you are a new patient, you will have to fill in your contact information, insurance detail, pain diagram, and medical history in advance, either by email or at the clinic.

Arriving at the clinic

- Our front desk staff will take your temperature, instruct you to change or disinfect your shoes, as well as wear a mask.

Entering the treatment room

- When the therapist and the treatment room are ready, you will be taken directly to the treatment room which has been thoroughly sanitized.


– The therapist will introduce himself/herself.

History taking

- The therapist will conduct a detailed history of your complaint, past and current medical health history, lifestyle, and goals so that we have a better understanding of what we can work on together to help you get better.

Physical assessment

- The therapist will assess your movement, examine your muscles, joints, and spine to find out the source of your complaint.

Report of findings

– The therapist will explain your diagnosis, answer your question, and provide you with a treatment plan based on your goals.


- The therapist will provide you treatments that are consist of both passive and active treatment to help you relieve pain and restore function.

Rehabilitation exercises

- The therapist or physiotherapy assistant will demonstrate and supervise you in doing the exercises. A home exercise program will be developed based on your needs for you to follow at home.

Fees and booking follow-up appointments

– Our front desk staff will assist you to submit insurance claims and charges, they will also help you schedule a follow-up appointment.

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