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What Exercise Should Be Done During Pregnancy?

Hope all the moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday. They deserve the best, not only on this special day but all year round.

Today, we will dedicate this post to the soon-to-be mothers. Regular exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for a woman’s physical but also mental health. An exercise does not have to be lengthy, but it is recommended that during and after pregnancy that you get in at least a moderate amount of exercise weekly. This could be arranged as exercising five times per week for 30 minutes or ten times per week for 15 minutes.

Some suitable activities that could be performed during pregnancy include brisk walking, swimming, indoor stationary cycling, prenatal yoga, or low impact aerobics.

Exercising can help increase the heart rate steadily and improve circulation. It can help reduce the risk of obesity and related complications. It helps keep the body flexible and strong which can be beneficial for preparing the muscles for labor. And it can also help prevent pregnancy complications such as constipation, varicose veins, or backache.

It is important to exercise with care, whether we are pregnant or not. It is advisable to warm up and stretch for at least 10-15 minutes and finish with 5-10 minutes of slower exercise and gentle stretching.

Please speak with your healthcare provider to determine if exercising is suitable for you during pregnancy, especially individuals with a medical condition or a pregnancy-related condition such as a history of pregnancy loss or preterm delivery.

Regular physical activity can boost the health of the mother and the baby. Let’s work hard to keep our bodies strong and healthy!

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