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What is shin splint?

Have you ever experienced pain in the inner side of your shins? Have you ever heard of shin splints? Our post today will focus on explaining shin splint, which is clinically referred to as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS).

Shin splints are inflammation of the connective tissues that connect the muscles to the shin bone, which is called the tibia. It is commonly seen among runners and athletes that jump repetitively. Patients may experience swelling, soreness, and tenderness over the inner side of the tibia. Eventually, the sharp pain might continue during exercise and possibly cause a stress fracture.

MTSS is caused by repetitive or overloading stress on your leg. You would have a higher possibility to suffer from shin splints if you are overtraining and not properly stretched/ warmed up because the muscles did not have adequate time to recover. Incorrect running form can build up more pressure over the ankles or knees. Having flat fleets is also more prone to shin splints since the ankles cannot properly absorb the impact of running.

Physicians can diagnose shin splints through physical examinations and might require x-rays if they suspect severe conditions. When you feel the pain initially, you should rest and ice for a few days. If it does not relieve the pain, consult the physicians for professional advice. Stay tuned for more information on how to prevent shin splints!

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