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Which type of headache do you have?

Headache is very common in adults. Recurring headaches can negatively impact our day to day life and work capacity. Knowing which type of headache we have is crucial for seeking the correct treatment. Today we will discuss 3 different types of headaches that can be managed by manual therapy.

1. Tension-type headache

- Frequent headache episodes

- Minutes to days duration

- Band-like; tightening/ pressing

- Mild to moderate intensity

- No nausea/ vomiting

- No more than one episode of photophobia or phonophobia

- Not aggravated by daily activities

2. Migraine

- Recurrent headaches

- 4-72 hours duration

- Unilateral pain

- Pulsatile

- Moderate to severe intensity

- Aggravated by daily activities

- During headache, will have one or more present: nausea, vomiting, photo/phonophobia

3. Cervicogenic headache

- Pain referred from a source in the neck and perceived in one or more regions of the head or face

- There is a source of pain in the neck

- Headache is worse by moving the neck

Headache can be a sign for more serious condition, if you are experiencing any headache, please consult with a therapist and doctor as soon as possible.

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