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Having Neck Pain? Beware of Upper Cross Syndrome!

Posture plays a huge role in our daily life, having a poor posture will create adverse effects without us even knowing it. If you always maintains the same posture over an extended period of time (e.g. long hours of playing smartphone, driving or sitting in front of a computer), you should probably pay attention to the below information on Upper Cross Syndrome (UCS).

Overtime, the poor posture would create tension in the upper back muscles (including upper trapezius and levator scapulae), causing shoulder blades to protrude and head to slouch forward. When the muscles contract, there would also be an increased tightness for the pectoral muscle.

A cross can be draw across the upper body with the weakened and tightened muscles, as there are weakened muscles including neck flexors, anterior and middle serratus and lower trapezius along with rhomboids.

With the imbalanced muscles - some being too tight and some being too week, people with UCS would tend to appear hunched, and suffer from headaches and painful neck muscles. Paying attention to your posture is the most effective way to avoid UCS. For example, the screen should be adjusted to eye level when using electronic devices, and take short breaks when sitting for extended period of time. Physiotherapy supported by therapeutic exercise and manual therapy will also help patient with UCS in alleviating pain and improve range of motions around the neck.

Stay tuned to learn more information on correct or incorrect postures! If you like more help, please do not hesitate to make an appointment or to walk-in to our center in Richmond Hill, we are specialized in physiotherapy, massage therapy and various other rehab services and are always eager to foster your physical and mental well-beings!

Reference: “Comprehensive Rehabilitation of a Patient with Upper Crossed ... - JMPAS.” Accessed September 21, 2022.

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