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Tips for Good Sitting Posture - Part 1

Many workers spent more than 50% of their day in a seated position, and many are strapped to computers and electronic devices even after work. With extended time in a stationary position and physical activities minimized would be damaging to our body. While we might not be able to swap our job for one that sits less and be active all day, sitting with a correct posture is crucial to improve our health.

In previous blog, we have covered Upper Cross Syndrome (UCS), and we’ve also mentioned the best way to avoid UCS is proper posture.

Below are some tips for proper sitting posture:

  • Make sure your back is supported

  • Adjust your chairs to suitable height

  • Put your feet on the floor - use a footrest if you need one

  • Keep your ears, shoulders and hips aligns

  • Take regular breaks – take a 2-3 minute walk every 30 minutes of sitting

You should also remind yourself to check your sitting posture whenever you are sitting down to make it a habit.

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