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Tips for Good Sitting Posture - Part 2

In the last blog, we have covered some essential tips for a proper sitting posture. In this blog, we would like to bring you some tips on how to maintain a proper sitting posture specifically when using a computer or other display screen equipment at home or at your workstation in the office.

  • Make sure there is enough legroom

  • Support for arms and wrist when using a mouse, ergonomic mouse would also help

  • Position your keyboard correctly to allow room for wrist to rest

  • Adjust monitor height, first line on screen at about / below eye level

  • Arrange desk and screen to avoid glare, reflections, or intrusive lights

Sitting in a proper posture would allow bones and joints properly algin and encourage efficient use of muscles, which also prevents abnormal spinal positions and reduces muscle fatigue.

Physiotherapy is a helpful option to consider if you believe you are having an incorrect sitting posture for too long, do not hesitate to contact us for professional help at anytime.

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