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Navigating Stress with Psychotherapy

Stress is an adverse reaction when we have excessive pressure or facing other situations. While some might think of stress as a source of motivations, but when we are overwhelmed or overloaded by the demands, there would be a series of negative psychological and physiological effects.

Mentally and emotionally, stress will cause anxiety and depression or even suicidal ideation. Physically, stress would also affect our immune system, causing headaches or inappetence. It might also cause antisocial behavior, reddening us unable to fulfill our societal roles.

Psychotherapy can support individuals to navigate stress through the following ways:

  • Understand the underlying source of stress

  • Strengthen the individual’s ability to cope with stress

  • Strength the individual’s social support

Psychological counselor will assess the needs and situation of the individual to explore possible solutions to the problem. While it also supports the emotional and physical awareness of the individual to form them to relax and enables clearer thinking. If you need more help, please feel free to book an appointment with our registered psychological counselor, we provide different channels to support you in a safe environment.

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